About Master of Marble

introduce some Italian flair

What we do

We have spent years learning and perfecting the art of Venetian plastering, and it has truly become our passion. All of our materials and techniques originate from Venice and we believe, combine the style and quality demanded in the modern world with the artistry and classicism of ancient times. We love to help our clients achieve their vision through our craft: Every project is unique, and every wall and finish draws a similar reaction from the client – the most common response we receive is, “Can I touch it?”. Our work truly stirs the senses.

About the Product

The finishes we produce have characterised the most prestigious Venetian buildings for over 500 years. We are proud of the authenticity of our products, which use genuine slaked lime and ground marble and can achieve a variety of finishes from the classic high gloss marble effect, as reflective and tempting as a cool pool of water, to a textured concrete effect which invites the touch. What all our finishes have in common is that they are highly breathable and naturally resistant to bacteria and mould.

A range of uses

While the most common use is probably to create a feature wall because of the range of colours we can produce, we also offer a cement-based option and finishes suitable for wetrooms, pools, kitchens and washrooms. Additionally, as all of our products are able to withstand temperatures of up to 250°c they are ideal for fireplace features.

Finishes Available


Marmorino plaster offers a classic glossy surface, with a sense of depth and serenity. The finish is smooth and reflective and can be tinted to a wide variety of colours.


A versatile finish which can be manipulated to the exact colour and finish you want with a wide selection of tints and top-coats.


A waterproof plaster finish originating from ancient Morocco, this is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and offers a soft, glossy, seamless finish.


In neutral, classic colours, this finish is high-grained and offers a natural, textured finish, evoking Grecian patios on lazy summer days.


a classic smooth, satin finish, with a degree of lustre which creates subtle plays of light and shade and is suitable for all projects.

Michelangelo Classico

The high gloss of Classico, but with the enhanced veins of marble, giving a natural, polished flair.

Michelangelo Satinato

A high-grain finish with a matte marble look, that gives a depth and texture offered by the juxtaposition of light and shade.


A highly-decorative warm lustre finish with flakes of mica which produce a lightly-burnished, broken stone effect.


A high-grain, polished finish with added mother-of-pearl for a subtle sparkle.


A natural, velvet-textured plaster finish which gives a decorative stone effect.


An alternative to polished concrete that can be layered over an existing base material and carries less structural weight, this smooth floor finish is increasingly popular.

Health and Safety

We are fully insured and have a health and safety policy in place, both of which are available to view.

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