Commercial Solutions​
Our hand-crafted finishes are striking, luxurious, practical and low-maintenance.

Commercial Solutions

Make your commercial property stand out from the crowd with our beautiful, hardwearing finishes. 

From feature walls in the boardroom, to luxury washrooms or shop and bar countertops, we have experience of working with a wide range of commercial clients to make their design vision a reality.

A world of options

  • Smooth, sleek bars
  • Restaurant interiors
  • Striking reception desks
  • Practical office areas
  • Commercial kitchens 
  • Retail design detail
  • Boardroom feature walls.

We are happy to liaise with your interior designers or fit-out specialists, completing sample boards to make sure the final finish is perfect.

Showstopping retail

Marble feature completed by Masters of Marble

Scandi lifestyle shop White Pine is a great example which perfectly showcases the beautiful results we can achieve using both Venetian plaster and microcement. 

 Images courtesy of GS Contracts   photographer Kornel Flint

We spent seven days working on the new store, alongside our friends at GS Contracts.  

The customer’s clear vision and bold colour choices made it a joy to work on this showstopping project. 

The Masters of Marble team applied blue, grey and green Vesuvio Venetian plaster to many walls in the store, while the counter-front was finished with Nature microcement. 

We also helped to create a broken wall design feature, providing a view from one part of the shop to the other, applying a backing plaster to the bricks followed by grey Vesuvio to make it look like it had been knocked through. A variety of techniques were used to achieve an authentic look. 

The customer was particularly grateful to the Masters of Marble team for recommending microcement for the counter-front, as its hardwearing nature made it a perfect match for this area.

Practical office solutions

We helped create this stunning home office in a garden outbuilding, and although space was tight the final result is both beautiful and practical. 

The outbuilding measured around 2.5m by 2.5m so to maximise on space we built a curved desk and floating shelves from ply to keep the work area clear and tidy. CimentArt Nature in a slate colour was used on the shelves and floor while the desk was finished with traditional microcement in a pearl grey.


The shelves had a smooth finish while the floor was heavily textured, giving a stone effect. Electric underfloor heating had already been fitted in the out building, and a 4mm layer of microcement was applied on top, keeping the office toasty warm. 

The microcement work took around six days to complete. Although this was a small-scale home office, microcement would also provide a great solution for larger scale office set-ups. 

Creating an office space that looks great with finishes that last is easy if you use microcement.

Food for thought

We love a project which produces a real transformation, and that’s just what we got when we worked on the Bala Baya restaurant in Union Street, London. 

Our friends at GS Contracts had been brought on board to create the restaurant from scratch and drafted us in to work our magic on the bar area.

GS Contracts built the curved bar and a ceiling panel mirroring the curve from MDF and we applied Vesuvio Venetian plaster in a rich cream tone. The finish had a light stone texture to give it an authentic feel. 

It took us around four days to complete the work and the finished sweeping curved bar provides an impressive focal point to the dining area.

Thinking of refurbishing your restaurant, bar or cafe? Microcement is the perfect solution. It’s 100% waterproof and hard wearing, making it a must have for kitchens and high traffic areas. Plus it’s a lot easier to keep clean than tiled surfaces.

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