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Because our products are breathable and durable, (not to mention beautiful!) they lend themselves to a wide variety of uses. We work with interior designers and fit-out specialists to bring a client’s vision to reality – often completing sample boards in a variety of options to better allow us to pinpoint the look desired. The popularity of Venetian plastering has skyrocketed in recent years and the trend is set to continue as businesses come to understand that hand-crafted and lovingly designed finishes are not only practical and low-maintenance, but stunningly beautiful and luxurious. And of course they are also cost-effective, as our finishes will last much, much longer than any paint or decorative paper finish and eliminate future damp and mould problems.

Our work in your commercial establishment makes a statement your clients and customers won’t forget – we have completed projects for corporate clients, restaurants and retail establishments, which range from feature walls in the boardroom, to reception desks; luxury washrooms to shop and bar countertops.

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While our techniques have differed little since ancient times, recent technological advances in the composition of the plasters mean they are much easier to use, much more durable and require much less maintenance. Our products are nontoxic and breathable and naturally mould-resistant. This means we can create stunning, seamless high-traffic areas which require washability, such as kitchens and wetrooms. Another undoubted advantage is that our finishes prevent moisture building up in the walls themselves and are resistant to the bacteria and damp that can cause problems, making them perfect for spa and pool areas.

Once dry our finishes transform to a solid surface which can be applied to pre-existing features, such as columns and archways, making it the perfect solution for a refurbishment project. And of course, any of our finishes can simply be used to create a stunning feature wall that can be sombre and luxurious, dramatic and tactile or cool or subtle – and will certainly last much longer than any paint finish!

Commercial Uses

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Health and Safety

We take our profession seriously and so it goes without saying health and safety is an important concern. For each job we carry out a comprehensive RAMS risk assessment which can be made available to each client before any commencement of works. We are aware of the paramount role up to date training provides – to this end we are CSCS registered. As a company we continue to look at our staff training needs and have made a commitment to their development. Because it is important to us that our customers have complete peace of mind, we are fully insured and have a health and safety policy in place, both of which are available to view.