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What’s your vision?

Tell us about the vision for your project and we’ll help you find a way to achieve it. Are you doing up an old house? Building a new one from scratch? Are you tasked with refurbishing an old office building or creating a new corporate headquarters? Perhaps you’re designing a restaurant or shop? Venetian plaster wall finishes can be integral to any of these projects because it is so versatile and so durable. For a lot less than you may think, we can help you achieve your vision of a seamless, luxury bathroom, a sweeping hallway that invites touch, or a practical and beautiful bar for your establishment. Talk to us about your design brief and see how we can help.

Style Inspirations

What’s your taste?

Tell us about the look you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll help you find a way to create it. The beauty of our finishes is that they are so versatile and can lend themselves to any aesthetic. Do you dream of a classic living room in an elegant cream? Do you want a modern, sleek kitchen in cool, classy grey? Or, does a warm, textured bronze sound more your style? No matter what the size of room, and what its function, we can devise a wall finish in a high-quality, long-lasting timeless material to perfectly bring your vision to life. Take a look at some of these ideas for inspiration and give us a call.

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