Fuss-Free Style Updates are Easy Thanks to Microcement

Design styles change so fast these days it’s easy for the look you once loved to start feeling dated.  

Updating paint colours and curtains can be straight forward enough, but making a change to the flooring in your home can seem like a drastic step, especially if you have underfloor heating to contend with.  

Fear not! Masters of Marble can help create a brand-new look without the need to rip everything out and start again.  

By using CimentArt microcement, stunning transformations are simple, as the product can be applied straight over existing tiles, only adding 4mm depth to the floor.  

Add to that the vast range of colours and finishes available and it’s easy to see why this versatile product is a real favourite of ours.  

Our happy customers agree! Take for example Kerenia Anna of Colchester. 

She was keen to update the flooring in her hall but was nervous to do this as electric underfloor heating was already installed under the tiles.  

Removing the tiles could have damaged the underfloor heating, significantly increasing the cost of the project. 

However, we were able to apply Traditional microcement by CimentArt direct to the tiles and because only a very thin layer is needed it doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the underfloor heating. 

The result is a beautiful ivory floor which is really comfy to walk on and is easy to look after. Because it’s applied in one coat there are no joins and it’s quick and easy to install. 

Most important of all our customer was blown away by the results. 

“The finished floor looks absolutely stunning! It’s both hard wearing and easy to keep clean. I couldn’t be happier,” she said. 

It’s not hard to see why microcement is growing in popularity. It can be applied to walls, floors, showers, kitchen countertops, exterior floors, furniture and more. 

The extensive range of colours and finishes also make it an attractive option. From natural looks such as terracotta and slate to solid colours or metallic finishes, CimentArt is available in gloss, satin or matt so you can make the final look your own. 

It comes with a no cracking guarantee and won’t discolour over time, even if used outdoors. 

Think microcement could work for your next project? Give the Masters of Marble team a call today or email us.