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Bathroom – Travertino

One of our most popular finishes, Travertino looks great in any room. The effect is reminiscent of Travertine marble found on many of Rome’s buildings including Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

Shower – Micro Cement

Micro Cement

Bathroom – Vesuvio

The client asked us to create a finish that would compliment the tiles and fixtures, the gold and copper glaze over Vesuvio achieved the brief.

Bathroom – Classico and Vesuvio

The metallic silver Classico is one of our top end products and looks stunning next to the bath, it is complemented by the black Vesuvio on the other walls.

Feature Wall – Vesuvio

A classic black Vesuvio with bronze glaze, Timeless ! This was quite a challenge to finish white polished plaster flush with the oven but worth the effort.

Feature Walls – Classico/Plum Classico/Dolomiti

This grey classico looks stunning as a feature wall in this lounge.

The polished plaster on this Plum Classico wall looks beautiful with the feature spotlights angled towards it, giving the room a subtle glow and ambience

We built this tv feature wall to de clutter the lounge area and then finished it with a teal Dolomite.

Cassico inside fire place

All our Venetian products are suitable for the surrounds of fireplaces and log burners as their high lime content means they can withstand high temperatures. This one is finished with a light green classico.

Fire Place – Vesuvio

Vesuvio with multiple glazes give a unique finish behind the log burner.

Utility Room – Classico

White Classico with black veins gives a beautiful finish in this utility room, ideal for high humidity areas.

Washroom – Marble

Finished with white Classico polished plaster, this washroom has an elegant feel and is easy to maintain..